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Thank you Evergreen Middle School!
"I have visited many great schools, but Evergreen Middle School has to be up there.
Meaningful tasks, engaged students, fantastic school culture."
- Jason Glass, Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools
Evergreen Middle School is a "once in a lifetime" school.
Only once in my lifetime have I had the privilege to experience the kind of synergy that both pushes me to be my best and nourishes me to dig even deeper.
That creates a space where our kids are recognized as our brightest teachers and our teachers are encouraged to bring their kid magic to school.
Where everyone is invited to share in a love of learning that transforms the box & prides itself on a mission to make the world a better place by preparing our next generation of leaders.
Where “all in” means showing up 100% & includes family, fun and a passion-driven experience of education like none I’ve experienced in my 16 years of being an educator.
Evergreen Middle School is a “once in a lifetime” school; and, like many others, I am so very honored to be a part.
- Julia Fliss, 6th Grade Language Arts teacher